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Yonseo pronounced (YOH-UN-SAY-OH) is a student in computer science pushing his creativity further in the digital world. A self-taught artist with art that portrays an artificial smile on a gloomy day. Yonseos works are a fusion of 3D modeling, traditional illustration, sculpture, and digital art. His unconventional approach to art gives his unusual aesthetic.



Inspired by Japanese comics and animation I began drawing in the manga style. I watched and researched the art of creating manga and kept pushing myself to become a better artist. Instead of using a g-pen (a popular ink pen for manga) I quickly jumped on to creating digital art where I could ink, color, paint, and draw. As I learned more about manga I took notice of ball jointed dolls and how they resembled manga/anime characters in a 3D dimensional form. I ventured into sculpting and tried several types of clays including super sculpey, chavant nsp, cx5, and magic sculpt. During my studies I learned about digital sculpting which appeared increasingly more dificult than traditional clay sculpture. KIMBAP I decided to eat at a local korean restaraunt where I found this amazing flavor called 'Cold Noodle'. As I drew and listened to k-pop I created a charcater that would later push me into 3D animation. That character was called 'Kim', and so I created a project called 'Kim-Bap' where I would learn for the first time how to do 3D animation by myself.


I realized that the animation process was a lot more involved than just rigging and animating. There needed to be storyboards, sounds, voice actors,shading and rendering. I kept drawing and using 3D software and slowly learning all the intricacies of 3D. I wrote a rigging book called 'YRK Rigging in Modo', it was originally my own study notes and I released this book online for free to help others learn how to rig. Today I enjoy a fusion of traditional illustration and digital art in both 3D and 2D form. It's like I have been bitten by a bug and I can't stop the creative process. WEB DEVELOPMENT I took interest in web development as a result of automating tasks in Modo's software. I put python into practice and developed a custom pallette for my most used tools. With python scripting I was able to automate repetetive tasks such as setting up bezier curves to control polygonal hair as seen in this video. I was placed in an environment with endlesspossibilities and I continued to study php and web development. As a result I became a full stack web developer combining my artistic skills to front end projects and making functional applications on the backend.

Tool of Choice


  • PHP
  • Python
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • MVC Frameworks


  • Modo by Foundry
  • Blender
  • 3Dcoat
  • Nvil 3D
  • Clip Studio Paint Ex
  • Gamemaker Studio 2
  • Active State Komodo
  • Sublime Textcoat


  • Magic Sculpt
  • mechanical pencil .7, .9
  • drawing pad 17inx14in 80lb
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