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Homework and a backpack!

  No more Diabolo! Why? The film is named 'Kim x Bap' its focused on those two main characters and Diabolo has gone through alot of changes and time. So to continue with this films progress he is no longer in the film. Sculpting comes easy when you have a concept or a drawing, with that you have a direction in the look of the character. Would love to just give it to an artist and say "here, get artsy with it" so I can do the storyboards, the rigging, the animation, the hair, the shaders, the layout, the compositing, the post production, etc......aannnnnnnnnddd HAIR!


Onto the technical department. Yes, I have one of the those. Wonderful video I found here that goes through the basics of forming the hair through curves. It's amazing really. Does a fantastic job of respecting the edges and so as you can see we have a square shape. Very powerful stuff. n_n


Rigging skeleton for Kim. Its fun to rig! Really cool to setup but lots of problem solving. Like when Kims neck decides 'heeeyyy!' im just gonna fly over there when you decide to walk, or her body decides to become independent of her clothes, because clothes dont follow you when you walk.....  

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