If you're looking for a simple code editor Brackets is a free and open source text editor that works on Windows ,Mac, and Linux. Brackets can be found at brackets.io.

The top three Extensions needed in an editor

Out of the box Brackets is simple and minimal. It doesn't come with stuff you don't need or want.


To install extensions open 'File' and select 'Extension Manager'. This is where you can download themes and extensions for the application. To start off if you want some cool themes head over to https://brackets-themes.github.io/. There are in tructions there on how to install the themes to Brackets. [cms:asset 74 title="Indentguides"]

Indented Guides

Next you want to have indented guides. These lines help to view your indents when coding. To install this extension simply type 'Indent Guides' in the search bar at the top right. Then proceed to install. The download page can be viewed here. Tab and shift+Tab are your friend when you want to indent many lines of code, try them.

Working Tabs

And finally working tabs, search for 'Brackets Working File Tabs'. This extension allows for tabs and split window. The download page can be viewed at Brackets working file tabs. That's really all that is needed to get started coding in a nice code editor, there are more extensions available so take your pick.