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Hello Holika ONESHOT

Sugar, Spice, and everything Rice...or so the story goes.

Hello Holika is a oneshot comic that takes place on an island named Julie. On a gloomy morning, high school student Geo Holika Cerebelle meets a disoriented monster. Where did it come from? and What does it want? She decides to help out of its misery and soon discovers there are more living in her classroom. Not all are fair, there are the unfriendly. To solve this mystery she will need the help of her classmates. While monsters feast on her classmates she discovers a monsters repulsion for milk tea.

What went Wrong

While making a oneshot of Hello Holika there were several parts of the story I wanted to present a certain way. The first was the intent to make a manga style fit into a webtoon format. I would draw a page with intent to make a manga but composed the page in a webtoon style. Although this was working it failed to answer some questions of where the story was going. In the beginning of the story it simply shows an indoor scene with a time stamp. Nothing fancy. What I should've done was show a longshot of an exterior school before jumping in to the interior shot. A clock should display the time instead of a time stamp.

In the next part it reveals the protagonist Holika as she makes her way home from school one late evening. She notices someone is there but not much information is given except a question mark. It moves on to Holika waking up from a dream to look out her window only to wonder if anything is real or only a dream in her head.

A change of Heart

There are many things I wanted to change but to figure it out I needed something to work with. So the one shot was made. At the time of making this comic I didn't really know who Holika was. What I did know was I wanted a world of isolation where monsters thrived and people repel each other. It wasn't meant to be a happy place. Hello Holika deals with isolation, mystery, vanity, and obscurity. A slice of life meant to reveal the true horrors in life. That nothing is perfect but fabricated.


The difference between working under pressure and time. On the right is my painting done in 10 hours. On the left is the redesign done in 2 hours. You have all the time in the world to make things perfect but if you never get it done you didn't do anything. 

A moment of Inspiration

Some days I just want to draw. On this particular day I decided to draw on my sketchpad and drink some bubble tea to get some ideas on paper. I remember seeing this little girl with her mom. She was very excited about my drawing. I kept hearing her mom say "Manga". That's all I understood. I knew exactly how she felt. It was the only reason I draw today. It had a big impact in my life. I thought to myself "She's going to do great things in life", That one moment of inspiration is all it takes, and here I am, still doing this.

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