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Far East Festival, Ding Tea, and Life

I arrived at H-Mart where the festival took place, but before I could shop I headed back to meet up with the other volunteers and the organizer. We were given several boxes to unpack to assemble the v.i.p swag bags. The v.i.p swag bags had several items inside that included a face mask, tickets, and a pajama. We received a festival shirt and a badge and headed out with carts full of v.i.p bags. It was a cold day and we were waiting for the rest of the festival to finish setting up. I went back inside H-Mart to try Tous Les Jours bakery. There was this green tea pastry that was so delicious. When the festival started I and a few other volunteers helped with entry bracelets and handing out swag bags. There was a youtuber and a few media crews shooting film. So if you're in town come down to Far East Festival to taste some delicious food and shoot some film. We also need vendors. Did I mention there's bubble tea!

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