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The Journey to 3D animation

Hello Alpacas! Heres is my sketch of Kim, the first drawing of the character. I had the idea after eating a bowl of bibimbap. I did'nt know what to call her, but I remembered the word 'kimbap' or 'gimbap'. It was stuck in my head after eating lunch, and so I decided to name her Kim. So the name 'Kim and Bap' came to me and now there will be two characters. To make this happen, the body will be reused to create a second character named 'Bap' in 3D. This way the skeleton rig will fit both characters with minor differences.

about Kim-

Kim wears a small denim jacket. I've seen many of these jackets online. They're very fashionable. She has big fluffy bangs and her hair is short on the sides. I drew the shoe with simple shapes so I can create it in 3D. She wears shorts and is a small slender girl. This is the first design in 3D. I spent alot of time just building the body from head to toe. The clothing is not the same as the sketch. I went for a different style than what I imagined for Kim. I also included some glasses.

Proof of Concept -

I made a skin texture that was hand painted along with sub surface scattering for an anime toon look. I like the look so I made a quick render. I can take this further into look development. I went back to create the original jacket on the sketch. It still needs some work. A shoe design experiment after the original shoe sketch. the hands still need some work, there are some triangles and some 3 point vertices that need to be remedied for aimation deformation to look smooth and natural. You can have noodle arms for your characters but they should'nt contain triangles. Even when you think you're done theres alot of cleanup work.      """"""

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