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Blender Rigging for Game Dev

Game Development is something I wanted to try but never done. It's about making things work for the end user. 

I started this project to code in Godot Game Engine. It's not as simple as web development where you can download a framework and code. I need several skills to do game development and it's not just about coding. Below I have a simple character that I modeled, rigged, and animated in blender. The goal is to get this guy running in Godot Game Engine with the keyboard arrow keys.When you're making a game the first thing to do is make things work. It's not about the art work or making things look pretty. Assets can be replaced at any time through development so it's better not to invest time on the look but on functionality.


The most important thing about making a game is the type of game you are going to build. You have to think and write down ideas on paper. Thinking and brainstorming is a big part of the project. I want clear direction and making changes down the pipeline causes delays, problems with code, bugs, time. Use the time to be productive and start small to build something from start to finish. It's not a massive game but rather a small simple game with simple mechanics.

What is my game about? Zombies. Why? because it's simple, it's been done before, I know what to code without even touching a computer. 

I know that in zombie games the enemy is a zombie and the player is the hero. Our hero can walk or run, punch and kick, and attack with a weapon. That's already too many animations which means more work. So I can focus on the most important things like making a walk cycle animation and then coding my character to work with the keyboard arrow keys.

Collision Detection

Our hero will make contact with a zombie at some point. I need health points to be deducted from both the hero and the zombie for damage. Collision keeps our character from going through walls or falling through the ground. See, without collision people would walk through each other like ghosts. Collision keeps us from taking up the same space at the same time. In video games we use collision detection to determine if two or more objects make contact with each other and if so then we can execute a function.

Shortcut Keys

Blender has several shortcut keys. Here are the shortcuts I used to make this rig.

ctrl + 1              front view

shift + e             to extrude a new bone

shift + p             to open options for bone and weights

shift + a             to open options for armature

You must be in object mode to create and edit bones.

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