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Subscribe to Hello Holika Comic

Hello Holika is a comic about a young girl named Geo Holika Cerebelle sharing a small island with monsters. 

It's been a long term project of mine, I have poured hours of work and after many failures this is the story that made it. I want it to grow and become something that can stand on its own. For that reason I have created a subscription on gumroad to continue to work on Hello Holika. You can subscribe by clicking the button below.


What is gumroad?

Gumroad is a website where people can sell digital and physical goods. What makes it a great platform is ease of use, plus you don't need to create an account to buy anything.

What do i get?

You will get works in progress from 3D background designs and character designs. This includes images from sketches to line art to color. A lot of the work I do involves creating 3D backgrounds, drawing characters, and composing a page with dialogue. For this reason it is a very intricate process that takes time but well worth it in the end. With this process I am able to create backgrounds in line art and color with minimal effort.

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