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Kim and Bap. A short film.

value="Kim and Bap is an independent film based on korean kimbap or gimbap.
Like yin and yang, it's a combination of two forces that compliment each other in balance. **Kimbap effect.** Kim Yoo (female protagonist) is unable to coexist with Bap Zang (male protagonist) sharing the same space. When their worlds collide they discover a black hole where opposite forces divide. To bring back what was lost the two must find a way to create the kimbap effect. **A journey to isolation.** > "There must be something out there. Something else. The feeling of wanting to escape, wanting to know what's out there. Disconnected from the outside world. Repelling each other to the point of extinction. If I could find a way, a secret door, or a window. Perhaps a wonderland." - Kim Yoo


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